Our Story

We are a family company which specializes in public accounting. We are advancing on our career path, on which we first set out in Trabzon in 1983, with our second office that we opened in Istanbul in 1989. We work in coordination with our second generation team stationed at our own office which is located in a modern and central location.
With our over 39 years of experience and our vision that is continuously strengthened with the help of our dynamic team, we work in accordance with updated tax laws and the latest electronic applications.
Our team allows for foreign capital from countries such as UK, USA, Italy, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and China to enter the Turkish market and offers reliable services in a variety of fields including the establishment of companies, routine accounting transactions, financial advisory services, and the like.

In line with our work ethic, we bring our clients together with professionals from the sector and our skilled solution partners upon their request and depending on their individual needs.
We believe that organizational culture makes up the foundation of professional life and we adopt a “haute cuisine” approach in order to generate value from that which is prepared in the “accounting kitchen” and adorn it with our competent advisory skills for our distinguished clients.

 This is what constitutes our fundamental philosophy and is the secret to our continuous success